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Motorcycle Campers

Mini Mate Easy Camper Time Out Time Out Deluxe
Sleeping area (WxL)4'6" x 6' 6"4'6" x 6' 6"4'6" x 6' 6"4'10" x 6' 6"
Sitting area size~ 10 sq ft~ 40 sq ft~ 40 sq ft~ 40 sq ft
Bed weight rating600 lbs1,000 lbs1,000 lbs1,000 lbs
Floor weight rating1,500 lbs2,000 lbs2,000 lbs2,000 lbs
Empty weight265 lbs320 lbs345 lbs385 lbs
Cargo weight400 lbs400 lbs400 lbs415 lbs
Cargo space15 cu ft16 cu ft16 cu ft23 cu ft
Exterior box size (W x L)40" x 60"43" x 65"43" x 65"43" x 65"
Total length w/tongue96"104"104"104"
SuspensionRubber torsionRubber torsionRubber torsionRubber torsion
Tire size4.80 x 84.80 x 84.80 x 84.80 x 12
AC PortNoNoYesYes
Set-up time2 minutes5-10 minutes5-10 minutes5-10 minutes
Brakes recommendedNoNoMaybeYes
Recommended motorcycle specsDual front disc, 800 cc, 500 lbsDual front disc, 800 cc, 600 lbsDual front disc, 1000 cc, 700 lbsDual front disc, 1200 cc, 800 lbs
Recommended car/truck specsMotorcycle campers are suitable for any model of car or truck

Camping and motorcycling have a long history together. Riders who first braved rutted dirt roads and forded wild rivers couldn't drop in to a motel at the end of the day. They slept where they stopped. And that's still fine with many of us. After all, you ride a motorcycle for the outdoor experience. Camping just adds to that.

Of course, for a lot of people, me included, tent camping just isn't as easy or fun as it used to be. Tent camping adds a whole new level of stuff you have to carry on the bike. Setting up camp means taking time to unpack the bike, unpack the tent, find just the right spot, etc., etc. If it's rainy, hot, buggy, windy, dark, or muddy (or better yet, all of those things), making camp is a chore. Getting up in the middle of the night for a pee run isn't much fun. Sleeping on hard, cold ground ain't what it used to be either. And then, hauling yourself out in the morning, stuffing and packing...well, that's no prize.

So what was it again that's so great about motorcycle camping?

Well, you get to set up in some serene places with scenery and price that no hotel room could match. Sitting around the campfire always turns into a great time for conversation and reflection. And you meet a lot of other interesting folks along the way. You can get all that, and avoid all the hassles of tent camping, when you bring along a lightweight camper especially designed for motorcycles and small cars.

Pulling a mini tent trailer means no hassles with how to pack your bike. In fact, tent campers offer you enough cargo space that you won't have to fit over who gets which saddlebag. Packing and unpacking takes a half minute, not a half hour. Making camp could not be easier. You pull into a spot, drop the jackstands, pop up the tent and you're done. Rain, bugs, heat and mud are no problem. Everything sets up off the ground and is fully screened and waterproof. That late night pee run is no longer an issue, and neither is your morning pack up. You can break camp in minutes and get back on the road quickly.

I know you have a lot more questions about towing a camper with a motorcycle, and that's what this section is all about. Keep reading and you'll find a lot more info, links, videos and testimonials. Motorcycle campers put the fun back into camping.

So what do my customers have to say about their campers? Here's motorcycle camping in their words, not mine:


"On the road over thirty days, camped more than half that time. The Mini Mate behaved well behind the bike, even on hundreds of miles of gravel to and from Alaska." I'm lovin' it and it's going to the East Coast this spring. Set up and take down in about 2 minutes and it tows like a dream. Thanks for your help! “Picked up our camper last week and had a blast with it. Plenty of room for two with gear. It towed like a dream and we stayed dry at night. Very happy with the camper and service from Open Road.
Jim V., St. Petersburg, FL Linda J., Paso Robles, CA Gary D., Groton, VT

Enjoying the camper very much. Met the manufacturer at the Wing Ding this summer and gave you high praise for the camper and for your service. I absolutely love my little camper! I now have approximately 5000 excellent miles on it with no issues through rain, snow and sun. It performed magnificently! I could not be more happy with the purchase of my camper. And it pulls like a dream! Just got back from a 4000 mile road trip out west. The camper was fantastic. I'm going to Ohio for a few days for the Bob Evans festival in October. Can't wait!
Jim C., Marietta, GA Russ N., Homer, AK John H. Frederick, MD

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